Monday, March 31, 2008

London Calling: A Fish Called Wanda

A crazy, witty, and hilarious classic comedy from Charles Chricton and John Cleese. Perfectly timed and deviously funny, this semi-heist, semi-law, all-fun flick has great acting, from Jamie Lee Curtis as the sexy Wanda, John Cleese as the lawyer Archie Leach (Cary Grant's name), Michael Palin as the stuttering Ken (which proves for some rolling-on-the-floor laughing scenes), and, best of all, Kevin Kline in an Oscar-winning role as Otto, the painfully funny Neitzsche-reading weapons master. Anyways, the plot revolves around a jewel heist that doesn't take very much planning and the main characters are able to pull off (except Leach isn't involved, George Thomaston is, and Leach is his lawyer). When Otto and Wanda turn George in and plan to escape to South America, they realize the jewels are gone, and Ken is working with George against them. The fun begins when Cleese enters, and sets off a storm of jealousy in Otto. The funny scenes start then, with hilarity after hilarity, playing off of Ken's stutter, Otto breaking in when Wanda and Leach are making love, and so on. Bottom line: this is great entertainment, with great comic timing all around, and great screenwriting, too. See this movie, and don't call me stupid. A

A Fish Called Wanda has a lot of inappropriate humor, best saved for those entering adulthood.

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aspergiansarah said...

K-k-k-ken's going to kill me!!! Kevin Kline's Otto was certainly one of the most loathsome characters in comedy history. He was so awful he made you nearly like the other characters. I feel sorry for Wanda (not the skanky woman, the fish.)