Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Fall

"The Fall" relies on its visuals heavily, and its a great advantage that these images are fantastic. We are able to see jaw-dropping shots of spectacular nature: deserts, grasslands, and also grand structures. This is all courtesy of Tarsem, a genius of stylization, who creates a world within his second feature film (his first being "The Cell"). Actually, this whole spectacle is dreamed up by paralyzed stuntman Roy (Lee Pace), who meets a girl named Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) at the hospital that he resides in. He makes a story as vehicle to get her to do a special task for him, an act of manipulation, yes, but Roy is desperate, because he is depressed because now he cannot walk and he wants to die. In his story, there are five characters, plus one villain (Governor Odious, played by Daniel Caltagirone): Otto Benga (Marcus Wesley), the Indian (Jeetu Verma), explosives expert Luigi (Robin Smith), Charles Darwin (Leo Bill), and the Blue Bandit (also Pace/Emil Hostina). Alexandria's imagination is amazing stuff: we are showed a number of wowing scenes and fabulous scenery, all encompassed in "The Fall." Speaking of Alexandira, Untaru delivers a magnificent performance here, definitely one of the best children actors of our generation. This is not the best film of the year: it sort of loses steam towards the ending. But it really is unique, mind-blowing, and visually mesmerizing. A-

The Fall has some brief, gory violence and a possibly disturbing animated sequence.


aspergiansarah said...

I watched this movie one day when I was sick, and I loved it. It had amazing visuals (with no CGI! What a concept) and the girl was just adorable. Withholding spoilers, I was actually sad about Wallace. I haven't seen anybody in anything else except Leo Bill. The first movie I saw him in was Simon Rumley's "The Living and the Dead," which was really weird and depressing, but I liked it. It took me a while to get Bill out of that role as a deranged, schizoid case of arrested development. If you want you can visit my blog (link below)for reviews of TLATD and "The Fall," among other things.

aspergiansarah said...

"The Fall" should've been rated PG-13... other than the snake bite, the monkey, and the violence (most of it styilized) I think non-sensitive pre-teens and teens might really like this. The fact this is R and "The Dark Knight" is PG-13 is ridiculous.

Nick Duval said...

The Dark Knight is a good PG-13. I know young people who've seen it and handled it well. The Fall should definitely be lower. It's unsettling, yes, but not R-rated material.

aspergiansarah said...

That's true... my little brother is ten and able to handle "The Dark Knight"... I guess although little is shown the pen stabbing and child held at gunpoint make it an edgy PG-13- much more realistic than "The Fall."

Anyway, have you seen "Watchmen?" That's based on a comic, and it makes "The Dark Knight" look like preschool matinee, with scenes of brutality rivaling most horror films.