Friday, June 19, 2009

Best Films of 2008 (Re-Issue)

1. The Wrestler (directed by Darren Aronofsky)
2. Hunger (directed by Steve McQueen)
3. Waltz With Bashir (directed by Ari Folman)
4. Synecdoche, New York (directed by Charlie Kaufman)
5. Man on Wire (directed by James Marsh)
6. Doubt (directed by John Patrick Shanley)
7. Happy-Go-Lucky (directed by Mike Leigh)
8. Gomorrah (directed by Mateo Garrone)
9. Rachel Getting Married (directed by Jonathan Demme)
10. Milk (directed by Gus Van Sant)


Stephanie said...

I thought Milk was fantastic. I also really enjoyed Happy Go Lucky -- a movie most people don't seem to have heard of. It's neat that you liked it too.

Nick Duval said...

Happy Go Lucky was a great comedy, but I think it was a lot for people to take that the main character actually had a positive outlook on life (look how society has gone). Milk was really great as well. I don't know if you'll like other Van Sant all that much, but if you're interested, check out "Paranoid Park" or "Elephant." Both are very good, but are more aesthetic than "Milk," so if you're looking more for plot, skip out.