Monday, July 26, 2010

My Best 10 of 2010 so Far

In no way a top 10 of 2010 altogether, just a top 10 of the year so far.

1. Exit Through the Gift Shop
2. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
3. Toy Story 3
4. Fish Tank
5. Winter's Bone
6. Greenberg
7. The Ghost Writer
8. Please Give
9. The Art of the Steal
10. How to Train Your Dragon

Check out Mike D'Angelo's twitter account (@gemko) and his website for his Top 5 of the year as of yet.

Look for Nick Davis' "midway special" sometime soon.

Also, see In Review Online's great list.

The Playlist's good list was the first one I saw.

Movie review of yet undecided film to come later!


Stephanie said...

I haven't seen any of these 10 movies yet ... but you have me even more excited about getting How to Train Your Dragon for the kids. :)

S M Rana said...

Haven't seen any yet!

Nick Duval said...

Greenberg is now on DVD, and I urge you to check that out.

I think "Ghost Writer" is coming out soon on DVD as well.

Wait for "Fish Tank"'s amazing Criterion release that hasn't been announced yet (but I've been tipped).