Friday, August 27, 2010

What's Coming Soon

I'm very sorry for the lack of reviews for the past month. I've been very busy, and I haven't gotten to the cinema really at all since "Wild Grass" back at the end of July. I have acquired the service of VOD, however, and will review some new IFC and Magnolia titles via that. I will also go a lot to the theaters this week, and there will be many, many reviews for you to read.

Also, I've been doing a few interviews. One of them is in the can, and, though I've revealed it on my Twitter page, I will let it be a surprise to those who follow my blog primarily through this outlet. It will be on the site on September 12th, at the preference of the person involved.

And, now that I know the schedule of the NYFF 2010 (available here), I will be deciding on what films to see there (which will produce some reviews).

Get ready! Much is to come!

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