Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ten Worst Oscar Snubs - 2010

The third edition of this annual feature. This time, I've limited it only to films (and aspects of films) that appeared on the longlists for Best Picture, Best Animated Feature, Best Foreign Film, and Best Documentary Feature. So that means no ineligible films on this list, like "Fish Tank," "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work," or "White Material." Also, as has always been the case, one spot per snubbed film. Not that I thought all of these people/films would be nominated, but still. Finally, if a film has already gotten a certain amount of attention, I don't go apeshit if it doesn't get more (i.e. "Exit Through the Gift Shop," which I think is the year's best film, got its due in the Best Documentary Feature category and since documentaries don't usually get nominated for Best Picture and all that, I'm satisfied). Influenced by other Oscar pieces including the one on The Film Experience.

10. Robert Richardson, Shutter Island (Best Cinematography)
9. TIE Christopher Nolan, Inception AND Ben Affleck, The Town (Best Director)
8. Andrew Garfield, The Social Network (Best Supporting Actor)
7. Julianne Moore, The Kids Are All Right (Best Actress)
6. Eric Gautier, Wild Grass (Best Cinematography)
5. Barbara Hershey, Mila Kunis, and Vincent Cassel, Black Swan (Best Supporting Actress/Actor)
4. Ben Mendelsohn, Animal Kingdom (Best Supporting Actor)
3. Ben Stiller, Rhys Ifans, and Noah Baumbach, Greenberg (Best Actor/Supporting Actor/Director)
2. Roman Polanski, The Ghost Writer (Best Director)
1. Ryan Gosling, Blue Valentine (Best Actor)

More Oscar coverage coming soon.


litdreamer said...

On the movies I've seen, I agree with you, ESPECIALLY with Ryan Gosling not getting nominated. Maybe he was so natural, they forgot he was acting.

Stephanie said...

Now I really want to see Blue Valentine! :-)