Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dark Horse (Fragment)

I wrote a 3 paragraph review on this film and then accidentally deleted it the moment after it was finished. That was very frustrating. I will say more about this to people who want to hear more, but in short this is an extremely divisive film that I ended up liking more than a lot of people will. It's very uneven, and very shrill, but I came to appreciate the undertones of honesty and sadness Todd Solondz imbued under his typical sheen of intense irony. B

Not a lot of people seem to read this much anymore. Or at least use it as the forum for discussion that I'm into having. So I guess this little bitty review will be a sort of Rorschach test to gauge how interested people are in hearing my extended opinion. I pour a lot into these reviews and sometimes it feels futile. So I'll see how it goes.


Stephanie said...

I'm sorry about your deleted post. It drives me crazy when that happens. I am reading religiously again, and I'd love to read your extended opinion -- if and when you post it -- especially since I haven't seen this movie.

Stephanie said...

BTW, I also commented on your reviews of Drive and A Dangerous Method.

Nick Duval said...

Thanks for all the activity! I'm having a hard time recollecting the majority of my review, since it's been half a week since I saw the film, but I'm glad you're interested in what I have to say about it. If you've ever seen any Solondz, you sort of know what to expect, though this film is simultaneously more in-your-face and less graphic than any film he's made in his career (at least from what I've heard of films like "Storytelling" and "Happiness"). The acting is all over the place, and the film ends about 5 different times, but the picture as a whole won me over.