Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Films of the Decade (2000s)

I come to you all with a late 2000's perspective. That was when I really started covering films. Here's my list. (As Nick's Flick Picks so often does, I supplied IMDB links as well as links to my own reviews.)

9. Hunger (buy the criterion here:
15. Munich
18. Children of Men
19. Punch-Drunk Love
20. Casino Royale

Each of these films is quite amazing, though it may not be the first viewing ("Casino Royale" for example took two) you recognize them for what they are.


Literary Dreamer said...

Good list, and it gives me some more movies to check out.

Jozeph Dukö said...

What happened to Watchmen, Batman the Dark knight or Ironman?

Nick Duval said...

Jozeph: I personally didn't think any of those movies merited beyond a certain point. "The Dark Knight" is poorly written, and despite Heath Ledger's performance and the admittedly good action scenes, I can't exactly pardon that.

I liked "Iron Man" better. But that film was more valuable on entertainment purposes than anything else. It was a good theater experience (and it hangs on well through a second viewing, as opposed to the "Dark Knight"), but not one of my decade favorites.

"Watchmen" I haven't seen due to baddish reviews from everyone except you, Roger Ebert, and Mick LaSalle. I probably will at some point, but I don't think it will end up here.


Nick Duval said...

Also, how many of these movies have you even seen? You may be surprised at their quality.